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Author Guidelines

AgBioForum encourages article submissions. If you have an article you think would fit our coverage of the agricultural biotechnology industry, please submit your writing based on the guidelines listed below.

Because we are a paperless journal, all submissions should be sent electronically via our Manuscript submission and manuscript tracking system. Articles accepted by the editor are reviewed through a double-blind referee process. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original work and has not been submitted elsewhere. The editor does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of submitted papers.

A complete stylesheet—giving detailed information on tables, figures, references, numbers, equations, and ordering of manuscript sections—is available here in Word format.

Papers should be submitted in the following format:
1. Papers must be in English and should not exceed 8,000 words or 24 double-spaced pages, not including diagrams, figures, and tables. In addition, each paper should contain an abstract and a key word list.
Abstract: Please submit an abstract of not more than 150 words. The abstract should give a clear idea of the line of reasoning in the paper and the main conclusions made. Abstracts should not include equations, diagrams, footnotes, or parenthetical references, but may include numbers.
Key Words List: Give no more than ten key words in alphabetical order. Consider standard words or terms that describe your methodology, empirical investigation, and conclusions. If a common abbreviation or synonym is used, please include this in addition to the standard word(s).

2. Submissions should include the author's name, title, organization, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address.

3. The text of the paper should be submitted electronically via our Manuscript FastTrack™ submission and manuscript tracking system as a text, Word, or RTF format with the following document setup:
8.5" x 11" page size
1.25" margins
11 point Times Roman
A Word template, including all AgBioForum paragraph styles and our preferred manuscript ordering, is available here, although you are not required to use it.
Please use character formatting—that is, formatting you can do on single characters or words (bold for vectors and matrices, italic for variables, superscript, subscript).

4. Simple tables may be included at the end of the manuscript. Examples of how tables should look can be found these previous published papers: Wilson, Janzen, and Dahl; Wolf et al.; Li et al..
If figures or graphs are necessary, please include them as MS Excel file(s). You should include the raw summarized data from which you derived the figure in the file. Examples of how figures should look can be found in these previous published papers: Marchant, Fang, and Song; Trigo and Cap.

5. The use of footnotes should be minimized. If footnotes are necessary, they should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper, not page by page. Footnotes should be explanatory only and not used for citations.

6. All major words of headings and subheadings should be capitalized, excluding articles and short prepositions. Bullets can be used to highlight lists.

7. References should follow American Psychological Association (APA) style, including the parenthetical references (author, date) as well as the reference list. The reference list is titled "References" and should be in alphabetical order by author name. If there are two articles by the same author, then the author's name is again written in full. This follows the APA style. If there are two or more articles by the same author, then they should be ordered according to year with the most recent ordered first. If there are two articles with the same author and the same year, then they should be ordered alphabetically by title with the first article being 1998a, the second 1998b, and so on.

Hoban, T.J. (1997). Consumer acceptance of biotechnology: An International perspective. Nature Biotechnology, 15, 232-234.
Hoban, T.J. (1996a). How Japanese consumers view biotechnology. Food Technology, 50(7), 85-88.
Hoban, T.J. (1996b). Trends in consumer attitudes about biotechnology. Journal of Food Distribution Research, 27(1), 1-10.

Notes and Comments
Shorter notes and comments, of up to 500 words, will also be considered for publication. Such notes might appropriately deal with the economic and management aspects of current agricultural biotechnology policy, or position statements on a specific policy issue. In addition, formal comments are welcomed on articles previously published in AgBioForum. Please submit comments to the editor of AgBioForum, using the guidelines listed above, without including an abstract or keywords.

Privacy Statement

AgBioForum is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, readers, and visitors. To this end, AgBioForum has developed the following privacy policy.

What information does AgBioForum receive and how is it used?

Unlike many web sites, AgBioForum does not use bits of data called cookies that are stored on users' computers to simulate a continuous connection and to gather reader information. Members, readers, and visitors of AgBioForum can be assured that their identities are not traced as they browse our web site. AgBioForum does use aggregated information to evaluate users' preferences, improve programming, and facilitate third party reporting of Internet usage.

Members submit an electronic form that contains limited contact and demographic information. This information allows AgBioForum to communicate with its members.

Readers can also choose to supply AgBioForum feedback or comments through two different types of electronic forms: (1) feedback to specific articles and (2) feedback to AgBioForum as a whole. Any comment submitted to AgBioForum through the first form is automatically posted in a password-protected area, in which the corresponding authors have exclusive access. In this way, AgBioForum facilitates communication between readers and authors. Any comment submitted through the second form is solely used for improving AgBioForum.

May I choose what information I disclose?

Email address is the only required information for one to become a member, as it is necessary for the delivery of AgBioForum's quarterly newsletter. Other requested information is optional and may be given at a member's discretion. Feedback to authors, editors, and web administration is optional and may be given at a reader's discretion.

May I choose what communications I receive?

AgBioForum sends out a quarterly newsletter via email to its members highlighting new features of the site and notifying them on publication dates. In addition, from time to time, AgBioForum sends calls for papers or calls for participation in online conferences to its members. Members may choose not to receive such communication by checking the appropriate box on the membership form.

What if I need to update my personal information?

AgBioForum encourages its members to update their personal information and keep it current. To update your personal information simply submit another membership form and check the appropriate box on the form indicating update of existing membership information.

What kind of security policy is used to protect my information?

We store all user information in secure databases protected via the latest firewall technology. This data is accessed only for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.

Who has access to my information?

The purpose of using personally identified information is to facilitate communication among the AgBioForum community. No personal information whatsoever is sold or shared with commercial vendors or other entities for any purpose.

Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding my privacy?

Please contact us directly at with any questions or comments.